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Name:ヘレン ~ ЊЭЃЭΛ
poupeegirl fashion brand community
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Half-filled with fic (See disclaimer at bottom) and the other with random personal notes, this journal was brought to you by Von.

♣ASTROLOGY:sagittarius tiger

♣LIKES:colours, fashion, graphics, drawing, reading, writing, anime, vampires, pirates, yaoi, imperial courts, gothic, cats, snakes, sewing, mafia, samurai, magic, fights
♣DISLIKES:fish, internet trolls, racists, homophobes, unnecessary drama, working
♣READING:(books) tales of the ketty jay, gentleman bastards, the dresden files, paris immortal, discworld, legends of the red sun, nightside, vampire hunter d, trinity blood (manga) fairy tail, junjou romantica, gintama, kuroshitsuji, one piece, katekyo hitman reborn!, from eroica with love, patalliro!, pandora hearts, skip beat!, wild adaptor, saiyuki
♣WATCHING:fairy tail, patalliro!, one piece
♣PLAYING:final fantasy seven, final fantasy nine, the last remnant, infinite undiscovery, nier, legend of zelda: windwaker, suikoden series, vagrant story, lost odyssey, nier, dragoneer's aria, kingdom hearts
♣LISTENING:duel jewel, gackt, kat-tun, gothika, buck-tick, lareine, versaille, chachamaru


[personal profile] macabreromansu - Deadwalk - Original Universe with some Pan-fandom AU thrown in.
[personal profile] dreadville - Dreadville - Original dark fantasy featuring some dark and twisted fairytale stuff.
[personal profile] newterritories - New Territories - Original fantasy, Norse-style. Think vikings and airships.
[personal profile] shanyun - The Peaceful Mountain - Collection of my BJD photostories and original fiction.

On userpics: I have a few here without credit to them. If you're the creator of any of the ones without names attached, comment/PM and I'll fix that straight away. No fuss, no unnecessary drama.

Standard Fanworks Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated (i.e., an original work of mine that has no place in any of the above journals) none of the characters written about or drawn by me in this journal are my property. The aforementioned original characters or works will come with their own copyright tag.

Interests (150):

absolute obedience, acting, amatsuki, angelique, animamundi, anime, ao no exorcist, art, ayame, ayasegawa yumichika, ball joint dolls, basil hawkins, bishounen, bjd, blood, books, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing boys, buck-tick, catboys, cats, chachamaru, charming villains, cheese, chinese zodiac, chocolate, cid highwind, clamp, clockpunk, colours, corsets, cosplay, costumes, crowley/aziraphale, d. gray-man, dante, david/rush, devil may cry, discworld, doujinshi, dragons, drawing, fairy tales, fake, fanfiction, fashion, ffvii, ffxii, from eroica with love, gene starwind, ghosts, ginhiji, gintama, gintoki, good omens, graphics, grell sutcliff, hellsing ultimate, hibari kyouya, hide, hijikata, hisagi shuuhei, horror, illustration, imperial courts, irvine kinneas, isaak fernand von kampfer, jim butcher, kain/cecil, katekyo hitman reborn, katsura, kingdom hearts, kings, kuroshitsuji, kyou kara maou, languages, lareine, last remnant, lord of the rings, lost odyssey, mafia, makeup, manga, mercedes lackey, midlands mcm expo, minekura kazuya, monkey d. dragon, mpd psycho, mythology, nakamura shungiku, natsume yuujinchou, nc-17, neil gaiman, nier gestalt, nurarihyon no mago, okita, one piece, original fiction, orlando bloom, pandora hearts, patalliro!, petshop of horrors, photoshop, piercings, pirates, portgas d. ace, princess princess, read the fucking manga, reading, regalia, remus lupin, robin hobb, rpg, saiyuki, sakamoto, samurai, sandman, sanji, seiyuu, sephiroth, sewing, shanks, shinsengumi, shounen onmyouji, sirius/remus, skip beat, souma ritsu, steampunk, suikoden, superbi squalo, supernatural, swords, tad williams, takasugi, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the last remnant, the shinsengumi, tiger & bunny, trafalgar law, trinity blood, ukitake jyuushirou, vampire hunter d, vampires, vassalord, visual kei, wild adapter, writing, xxxholic
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